LadyBiz = Ladies In Business

I always thought I would be a geologist forever. Past me didn’t realise that future me was going to have to embrace expatriate living and all the “joys” associated with it. Some of which have included a gap in career life, unlearning and relearning skills, evaluating and re-inventing myself.

This scenario rings true for many I have had the pleasure of meeting in our nomadic lifestyle.  I know of Doctorate degree holders turned photographers, managers turned bakers, bloggers to name a few. It is not always easy getting there but the journey of discovery is one full of enlightenment.

To celebrate such strong women and hopefully encourage others, LadyBiz will feature a woman every fortnight who in embracing global living has reinvented herself and is thriving in her new field or talent.

I have no affiliations with these businesses or ventures; LadyBiz is simply my way of giving back, encouraging and empowering other women.