Moooove Over, The Rodeo is here!!!!

I always advise and recommend tours as a starting point to knowing a city. In my opinion, I feel that at a reasonable cost, a guided tour affords you the opportunity to see highlights, hear some history, see some otherwise hidden gems and you can decide if you want to revisit some of the attractions at your leisure but now you have no fear of getting lost.

As a “New-Stonian” aka a newbie in Houston and hearing so much about the Houston Rodeo I figured I best take my advice and decided to join the Destination English Monthly Tourswhich as luck would have it, was headed to the Rodeo. Ya- Hooo!!!

Not even the Houston traffic and unpredictable weather could douse my excitement. Armed with my camera and dressed in my best Rodeo look of Plaid, Jeans and boots I met other members of our group and we set off to the NRG Centre.

Upon our arrival we were met by VIP guides Diana Kirk and Cindy Rodriguez who were gorgeously dressed… Rodeo Style.

Cindy to the left and Diana on the right.

Did you know the word Rodeo means To Surround? The Houston Rodeo is the largest indoor rodeo. It is not affiliated to any of the other rodeos but volunteers at the Houston Rodeo can be found at some of the neighboring city rodeos too. 

It is a family owned and family run event. The first show was held in 1932 at the Democratic Convention Hall. It made first profit in 1936. The first downtown parade took place in 1938 and the first entertainer, Gene Autry, took the stage in 1942. (Houston Rodeo History)

Aside from entertainment and awesome food, the Houston Rodeo is committed to education and since 1932 has contributed over $475 million to providing scholarships, educational program grants, graduate assistantships and supporting young/junior show exhibitors. 

After the wonderful lecture delivered by Diana, Cindy took us round showing us some fun stops…. Enjoy below

The Wall of Performers for the Rodeo Show.
I arrived a few weeks before this event and trust me I could feel the buzz about the George Starit show. I didn’t even attempt to try to get tickets and I heard it was fantastic. We’ll plan for next year.
Had to get a shot with Howdy the Rodeo Mascot. A’int he cute y’all?
They don’t call them long horns for nothing. WOW!!!!

There was so much to see, eat and do. From pig races, camel rides, henna painting, witnessing the birth of a lamb, seeing some chicks hatch to eating my first funnel cake and deep fried oreos for which I can honestly say YUM!!!

It was such a fun outing and am looking forward to next year. Maybe I will see you there.


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