Welcome Back

I guess the welcome is really for me rather than for you on the other side of this. I started this blog and thought I would be dedicated to doing at least a post a week or every fortnight but then life happened. 

So, what happened exactly during the time? Well I got a job…. YAY for me. I don’t know about you but job hunting after a career break because of life on the move is no easy feat… wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, working in the bank was super fun and I genuinely loved it. I loved the teams I worked with, made great connections and realized I could do “sales” – who would have guessed. I took some courses, got certified, got promoted and was planning to take on more certifications. I was on a roll and loving it! 

Then I lost my dad. There is absolutely nothing like losing a parent…especially one as loving and involved as my dad. There is also no “you should be used to it” either since I lost my mum years earlier. Nope! And to make matters worse or more interesting I was miles away in Calgary which is a 22hr journey by air including wait time at the airport. Suffice to say I couldn’t just hop on a plane and voila presto be there as soon as I received the news. Cue the guilt, the sense of helplessness, the tears, the questions and all emotions in between.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for the full and rich life daddy lived and I hope I continue to do him proud. More on this and about it in future posts.

This was followed by the news expats “love” to receive – after three and a half years in lovely mountain view Calgary we were headed to the Bayous of Houston Texas. Of course, I had to resign from my job… insert crying emoji. It was a good move, I listed all the pros to encourage myself, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of “I was just getting rooted, getting settled, I seemed to have figured what I could do”. Frustrating does not begin to describe this feeling, but the move had to be done. 

Out came the suitcases, back and forth emails and video calls for schools, house hunting etc. I really have to ask though… does it get any easier? I mean packing and moving after doing it so many times? It certainly didn’t feel that way. And which is easier? To stay two years or less and on to the next posting? Or moving after three or more years during which roots are gradually, perhaps unknowingly being made?

In a nut shell, all of the above put my blog on hold. Ok maybe not only those… include FEAR in that mix. I think my FEAR made it easy to put my writing to the side while “life” happened. FEAR of what exactly? Fear that maybe my writing isn’t good enough; there are far too many blogs out there, what more could I possibly have to say or add? 

Any way this is me doing it AFRAID. This is me doing it BOLD. This is me doing it.

Would love to connect with you, feel free to leave a comment. 

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