The summer Olympics have come and gone with all the samba fun and medals won. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it from Day 1 to finish. We even had to PVR some days because of the incredible time difference but boy was it worth it.

What struck me most though was the sense of “patriotism” we had especially my children to countries we have at one time called home.

We cheered equally for each of the four nations as the representing athletes marched into the lovely Macarena Arena and we followed events that I didn’t even though were Olympic sport just to show our support for these nations. Who knew BMX biking was an Olympic sport… now my boys are having ideas… be still this momma’s heart.

We felt similar emotions with the athletes from disappointment and sadness when they failed to make it through and we were thrilled to see them qualify and win medals.

Sounds of O Canada, Marchons, Arise O Compatriots and the Wilhelmus rang through my home anytime these anthems were played; and gosh were they sung and hummed with pride.

I have always loved the Olympic games and I am happy I can watch them with my tremendous three. It is on my bucket list to attend one live… perhaps the next one in Japan…we’ll see.

However, nothing could beat the feeling I had seeing my kids cheer for our four “home” countries.

By the way they are Canada, France, Nigeria and The Netherlands.

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