Snow Angels

Children love to make snow angels. It is a really neat and fun activity to do when you consider living in a city that is usually covered with the white stuff for 6 months at least. Anywhere kids see a pile of snow, without a thought or backward glance they plop down and swing their arms and legs on the snow to make some.

In Calgary though, I have come to discover another kind of snow angels. Imagine this. You wake up only to discover it had snowed heavily during the night and you have to clear your driveway and sidewalk before heading out. You get all bundled up armed with your shovel or snow blower, open your front door or garage and discover it has been cleared. WOAH!!!! Another scenario, while at work or out for the day, it snowed and you know you would have a fresh pile to clear when you get home. Only to arrive and discover it has been done.

That scene played out not once or twice during the winter months for me. I wondered who did this and why. I really wanted to thank them at least because whoever it was saved me from minutes of hard work clearing the snow.

This continued for a while until I saw an advert on the TV from the city of Calgary encouraging residents to be snow angels. Snow Angels are people who help clear snow for other neighbours. They “adopt” a sidewalk or sidewalks to clear for the safety of the community. What an amazing initiative/program and a way to foster better community living.

I have since discovered who my snow angels are and thanks to the city of Calgary nominated them for the city to reward them and I in turn am playing it forward by helping to clear snow for other neighbours.

When winter rolls by again, why not be a snow angel…help a neighbour or two clear the sidewalk at least and enjoy the joy of giving back and helping your community.

For more information on the City Of Calgary Snow Angel Campaign please visit : Snow Angels Calgary


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